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viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Copiar-Pegar. El alcohol. English version

Original Link Copiar-Pegar: El alcohol

This I found by chance, as always, and I want to share.


It is very important to know that:

Alcohol is a depressant drug central nervous system, even at low doses decreases mental alertness and motor coordination.

It is absorbed in the stomach and intestine, passing into the blood, which is distributed throughout the body, leading to effects related to blood alcohol level.

Its main component ethanol. So when we give "jug" is tolerated by the body worse, because it is bad alcohol distillate, which means that it is adulterated. The notes because generally the cup has a certain smell and taste of cologne. If you see that you do very cheap drinks gets suspicious and demands to open a new bottle in front of you. Although the effects vary from person to person, probably the next day you have a terrible hangover.

Drinking too much alcohol it can cause very negative effects, do not be tempted to find out about the pathos of alcohol.


Everyone goes through a series of phases or stages according to the amount, type of alcohol you drink and the personal conditions of each:

First, "we catch the point or dot." We get euphoric, wanting fun, laughter loose we loose, we are all colleagues, and we noticed a (false) sense of being in control all the reflections we are beginning to slow and reduces the responsiveness as we drink (we can reach down the cup of his hand, to be less skillful ,...).

"Pillar a fart or a slice." We started to sputter, with thick, clumsy mouth, it is difficult to understand us, we blurred vision, and begin to have feelings of sleep, we can easily stumble because they look good and it cost us to maintain balance. Conas bother for us and our colleagues can we get angry easily, which sometimes ends in fights for no reason. Start dizziness, nausea and vomiting. In the end, sometimes just throwing squid or the remains.

If we drink, which is quite usual, because we think that there is still room for one more drink, and finally up to us all at once, as the alcohol takes around 20 minutes to appear its effects on the body. Ethyl coma can result, with loss of consciousness (we are out, and we did not know anything about what happens around us) and glare (we can fall and take a good hit, sometimes lead, falling asleep in a chair or anywhere) and there is a large muscle relaxation. What all this may cause cardiac arrest in fatal consequences.

Keep in mind that the effects of alcohol vary from person to person by weight, physique, metabolism. What "holding" a colleague, may not stand you.


Are that the person becomes more irritable, especially in the early stages of drunkenness, even melancholy place and given to mourn. When you have less ability to react may be suffering some kind of accident (fall, motorcycle or car accidents, unwanted pregnancies ,...).

Do not forget that excessive consumption of alcohol and continued to harm the liver, pancreas and stomach.

Risk Mitigation:

* If you drink, think about what you have to do the next day and have intoaccount there may be a hangover.
* If you do not drink, keep your choice throughout the night (not required for drinking, having fun with colleagues).
* Fulfill your limits. Do not get rolling and put limits on schedule, pelas ...
* Keep in mind who is going to drive that night. If you've drunk searching for alternatives, like a taxi or a walk again. Also keep in mind that your car is possibly the only one you have.
* Do not mix different types of alcohol. That's going to cause a hangover even higher.
* Take a good dinner before running out. Avoid alcohol rise suddenly and make you less damage to the stomach.
* If you go for dinner, keep in mind, usually start drinking earlier. Do not finish the night earlier than expected. Dosed your drinks.
* Please note that the amount of alcohol that takes a drink and a shot is the same. Watch the games with drinks is easier than to misjudge and you're done moving.
* Do not get the publicity Bind the holidays, the only purpose is to sell more and consume more than you had originally planned. It is critical that kind of publicity.
* Do not drink the drinks in one gulp. You Drink, DO IT SLOWLY and tasting glass.
* Avoid the bottle. The drink of poor quality in the stomach upsets and more surf. You decide where you take the glasses. Nobody likes being deceived.
* If you want to drink too, occasionally pause. Drink a soda or choose low alcohol drinks.

The dot to fart.

* After the initial symptoms to catch a dot, if we keep drinking, we can spend at a bar. Some people get heavy, violent, bad walk, falls easily and vomits.
* Sometimes, alcohol causes us to cool with each other and end up stuck in arguments, many of them for no apparent reason. Ask yourself if you go to have fun or to cut the roll to the rock.
* When you wrong, you've caught a fifteen fart surely be your colleagues who have to carry with you, and annoy the party for you and them. They will have to get into a taxi (if you want to stop and go, that's another story) or hold on until you punt. Do not they charge you. And are they who pay for your excesses.
* If you notice that you can not take your fun without a drink, watch, and question your relationship with alcohol. Do not kid yourself, the more you drink the more you need to catch the dot.
* Alcohol more and more hooked. Sometimes it seems you can not have fun without him. Also drinking too much has other dangers.

A pillar temita.

* The drink may increase the desire of having sex with a stranger or Liarte. There are people who try to get to the force. Respect the decisions of others, and never do anything that the other person will not or do not want.
* When we drink, and sexual theme, we are not aware of the risks (unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV), and we can forget the condom. "Use a condom, have fun BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER."

When you do not drink.

* When you're pregnant or think you can be. If you drink, the fetus receives the same amount of alcohol, the mother, as it passes through the placenta to the fetal blood. The fetus is particularly sensitive to the action of this toxic substance that can cause you physical and mental defects.
* When you take certain medications (antibiotics, sedatives or antidepressants ,...). Mixing drugs with alcohol, can dangerously increase some of its effects, and impede the treatment. If you're bad be careful and do not drink.
* Who leads.
* When you do not want. When you feel like. When you do not want. TU DECIT
* Working, studying, exam time.

If you drive.

He thinks that alcohol produces a false sense of security. When you drink, it diminishes your ability to drive. You think you're able to drive under the same conditions, but your reactions are more really slows down and not respond in the same way (not calculate the distances and the speed of other cars, you increase the speed and therefore the chances of an accident).

Ethyl coma.

Faced with acute poisoning with loss of consciousness (if the alcohol passes of 3 g / liter, the person falls into a coma and may die from collapse and respiratory arrest).

1. The first thing you should do is put you in the safe position (lying on its side to prevent choking on vomit shot). * Photo PLS.
2. Check the person's vital signs remain (breathing and pulse), if they are irregular or lack of them, should be to hit an emergency service (112). * Photo ambulance.
3. Cover the person with a blanket, etc ...

While waiting for the ambulance, be sure to talk to the person to prevent sleep. It is very important, you control all the time vital signs, level of consciousness and breathing. It provides the intoxicated person a place (physical space) is safe and free of hazards.

Can also induce vomiting if they have not spent more than two hours after ingestion. Note that this does not eliminate the alcohol and also be absorbed and can damage the esophagus.

It is totally false that:

1. A coffee reduces the effects of alcohol.
2. A shower improve reflexes.
3. Drink water to decrease the effects of alcohol.
4. Emit large amounts of urine remove the alcohol.
5. Remove the alcohol vomiting blood.
6. It can drink more alcohol if you eat a lot.

All these actions create a sense of momentary improvement, but not eliminate alcohol from the blood.


It is the clinical picture that happens in the hours after the excessive consumption of alcohol. Affected the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular system and blood, digestive system and neuromuscular system.

Symptoms may include:

1. Headache or headache.
2. Nausea and vomiting, inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
3. Diarrhea, bowel irritation.
4. Thirst and pasty mouth.
5. Dizziness.
6. Muscle stiffness.

Note that:

* The only way you will pass a hangover is to rest. Need some time until the blood alcohol is metabolized and disappears.
* A cold shower and a coffee will clear you can relieve your symptoms, but not end up with a hangover.
* After a binge, drink more fluids. Alcohol is a diuretic, and makes you feel thirsty, which is a sign of warning to restore body fluid.
* Not more than you would have a time without touching the alcohol after a binge. A period of abstinence is the best way to recover the body.


Ethics alcohol. Energy Control.

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Ibáñez, I. Mariscal, L. and Fernandez, V. Program risk reduction associated with drug use. A different reality?. (2003).

lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Contador de Muertos-Heridos 52

Antes de recomenzar el contador, quisiera disculparme por haberlo tenido descuidado durante estos meses. Muy a mi pesar, el que yo no haya hecho recuento no ha impedido que lo que suscita esta sección siga produciendo auténticas carnicerías. Ojalá algún día no haya motivos para escribir sobre esto.


Jueves, 19 de agosto del 2009

Atentado en Bagdad

Total muertos Día=95
Total heridos Día=600

Jueves, 19 de agosto del 2009

Atentado en Bagdad

Total muertos Día=95
Total heridos Día=600

Miércoles, 20 de agosto del 2009

Atentado en Iraq

Total muertos Día=2
Total heridos Día=0

Lunes, 7 de septiembre del 2009

Atentado en Iraq

Total muertos Día=7
Total heridos Día=18

Sábado, 26 de septiembre del 2009

Atentado en Damasco

Total muertos Día=17
Total heridos Día=14

Total muertos Contador=3160
Total heridos Contador=7773


domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

when the interior no wants comunicate....

ENGLISH VERSION of Cuando el interior no quiere comunicarse

I would say that we all spend a greater or lesser extent. Not wanting to explain. What those around us make us feel, despite the redundancy, they understand how we feel.

How difficult, if not impossible is to get that combination of sounds "I know how you feel."

It would be logical that if someone has gone through what you, empathize with you, because of course, you say "I've been there."

It might seem, almost sinful, wait, coveting a person, leave aside their experiences, and just watching, listening, channeling your situation inside and enfoncando what you know, I could tell you "No wonder you feel like that. "

I have been discussing these terms, these issues from time immemorial. This need, this cruel way to feel the affection of others, is impossible dissociation between love and understanding.

I do not know that fact, in my childhood, led to these impossible combinations, love, understanding, caring, understanding, respect, empathy, receive, give

When one, in one of "those" days, it is revealed, the patient falls below the minimum, shows fussy, all staff are surprised, alarms are triggered, of course, they'll appreciate, and want to help, instead of wondering what need, and give you the solution, "take off and to feel well", or intend to situations such as "Quiet, and will go away, and tell me if you need anything."

I guess I understand that to everything there is to pay a price. Being always available, always putting the other cheek, not to require certain changes, because deep "understand" means that when one day, or more, you've given up, something happened that you've hit bottom, you do not know and if you know what is not important, and it is not because it is not, but because it is repeated, like a karma touched you, it has happened so often that one cares more, for I'm sorry boy, " you are the hard, you do not have to watch over you ", because of course, that's the role I took in my relationships with people, I hard, the rock, he who resists, the enduring, the comprehensive .. .. then the other party gets the other role. So many times we have seen the film, which is impossible, that one day, to turn the papers, "I do drive now?, No, no, no, take the guy?, No no no, sorry, call extra to see if it comes ...."

What has happened so often?

Again, a person is not careful to watch the details, because it assumes that it is not necessary, at the time of acting, its own problems of seized and clear, no red light comes on, why?, No There, no one has taught him that even if one is a strong person, does not mean that you will not grieve hurt bad manners, bad for the consequences, even tricky situations that arise, and to my mind perfectly understandable, then and only Therein lies the issue.

Not only suffer if you do not understand that up. Of course, this vicious cycle, when you're full of energy, which is almost always, is it, really bill. The Mission in action.

But sooner or later, there is always a day that energy is not adequate, spend little, so little that you remember not to require, and to train people, which in the end seems more than necessary. Something like a drill, get better reactions, response times, etc.

I would say that this is the worst of the situation. Lack of attention to what is hurting me too bad as others. I may not sink, perhaps, does not affect me in my self-esteem, I might not harm myself, but it saddens me, grabs me tranquility that we adore, I lose the will to deal with those close.

Why?, Because I demand them at the time, so I never made demands. I care, show me, those combinations of the talking at first.

That's where the sadness and floods everything, and starts the hardest part. For even commenting that I'm sad that something hurts my mood, relatives, nearby, does not know or not know how to achieve the much-discussed, combinations, and I that I have the patience under minimum surly show me the truth I do not relish the idea of giving a talk on how to get to me. I know I should, but if I have to explain, after I talked about how many times, how I act in so many situations, I feel just as sad or worse, because to be on this side of the requirement, I explain calmly, patiently, and logically, who will be able to understand.

Curious loop. The most curious of all is that two weeks ago paved the way for a friend, talking about many of these ideas. Oh, missionary, what a great communicator when the problem is not yours, you know break the reality in many parts that everyone understands each give their parts, except of course when you've got the problem, you wear the sadness, the lack of patience you have, you give up and have not begun, curious, curious.

Seeing how others act, the first thing would clear the way by showing less understanding towards other human beings, with their problems but mostly with his neglect to take care of this, that conversation here.

Should be much less permissive, if you see a day when I will not be, and that day becomes a number, there should be the bar.

I'm sure many people who have the closest presumode not give the kind, and of course, as the key day, that, the day that if I need care, at least one of them, could not require nothing, would not be.

Because let's face it, if you're always there to take care of yourself, totally not going to go anywhere. You put up with it all, because as you are so understanding. Well, the truth, I imagine, it is time to close the kiosk again.

All that makes me sad, really sad to know that I am well surrounded, and that was my fault not show less pandering to the faults, you should do as human beings do more mundane. "Until you ask me for forgiveness does not count on me", you should start practicing, I will go from sad to feel stupid, but I think that feeling is less harmful than the other.

Setting limits to people. What a harsh reality, so stupid that is, people we see when we have something negative to another, but apparently not, because I do no more to be marked by blood and iron when damage their "internal" Zounds, well I know, because the consequences are reflected there quickly, whether shouting, the finger, tears, dirty looks, mood swings, withdrawal of the word, hang up, ask you to leave, insults, to define a whole jargon that seems to be that I must begin to wonder, because hazmitámoslo, am out of the guild, if I want to be inside, I have to use their language, their communication systems.

And to think that's necessary so that my relatives take care of me, protect me when I feel vulnerable, I tucked in, it's true, is it worth it?.

Then today, yesterday, before yesterday, I feel vulnerable, and especially the strong, greatly disturbs us, feel so weakens us in our belief that we all, we passed everything. I am strong, I know, I'm not ashamed, or make me feel less, to assume the feeling of vulnerability. But when I see how easy it was for my relatives to take care of at the moment, and instead, they get frustrated not to get to my mind, is upset because my sadness lingers, or because in my state, my patience exhausted the possibilities of do not criticize their behavior, and is not, of course, constructive criticism, and are spoiled to you, that does not seem logical, even more reason to give you the sadness grip you like a leech. Others opt for the distance, the best remedy for not taking sides, or remove you or give you, so naturally there will be no confrontation whatsoever, in part, I appreciate if you do not know what to do, it is best to do nothing, but I say, in part, because gentlemen, if a person is sad, please, just needed to accompany her, and if it becomes excessively dramatic, or even that seems to enjoy being sad, limitémosnos to accompany her, "and you will , yes, but it will go alone. "

And for the record, I believe that many things must pass alone. Right. But, of course, with support like this, no wonder that people have already assumed that the most to lose if they are accompanied, and clear, at least it does not lose more than they have already lost.

My mother always told me "If you get to demand, you're alone, no one will ever size, you have to accept your friends are."

Thank you, mother, true, but I followed your advice all my life and I'm still frustrated by check, to accept, understand, understand, empathize with my friends, associates, is causing confusion with which I have to eat, swallow, assume, and finally down to my own loneliness.

Bad thing, this writing at night. I'm sure tomorrow I'll see everything differently, but now I feel is reflected at 5 am, I have every right in the world, that if the sunrise change my feelings, because they are welcome.